Invite us to your workplace!

Invite MUSIC BOX to work? Why would we do that?
So that we can deliver a Music Box training workshop. No matter what your company does or what your role is, communication skills, confidence, creativity and teamwork are likely to be key to success. Well guess what? These are the very same skills that are central to creating improvised comedy. Anyone can increase their capability in these skills by dipping their toe into the improv pond. A Music Box workshop will not only enable learners to leave equipped to face the everyday challenges that their roles throw at them, but they’ll also have more fun than they ever thought possible in the workplace.
What experience do you have of running workshops?
Within Music Box we have extensive experience of building and delivering training events for a vast range of organisations. From top educational institutions such as the London School of Economics to global blue chip companies, we’ve done it all! We’ve led workshops in small family run offices and we’ve travelled the world rolling our global training programs for big name firms. In terms of audiences we’ve worked with all age groups from teenagers through to board level executives.

Music Box’s previous corporate clients include:

What would you cover?
Whatever you want! Our workshops will use improvised comedy exercises to focus on areas such as: – Assertiveness- Communication – Creative Thinking – Dealing with Conflict – Impact- Presentation Skills – Team-building. 

So, what would we get out of it?
Firstly you’ll have a darned good time. Before the workshop we’ll work with you to establish what you would like to achieve from the workshop. We know that your people’s time is precious and so we only want to focus on the areas that you want us to work on. We can achieve a whole host of things in our workshops. Just to give you an example, learning objectives might include:
– How to present ideas with confidence
– Ways to adapt your communication to different audiences
– Techniques to increase team cohesion
– Giving and receiving constructive feedback

I’m interested! What now?
Excellent! Please do get in touch via our contact page and we’ll kick off with a discussion about what you’re looking to achieve and take it from there.


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