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Probably the most noted and most widely used deer scent is doe urine. Question From: Rhode Island, United States . It says that most deer repellent products have not been proven. Making it natural, effective, and discrete. It is typically most effective during the pre-rut or post-rut hunting period, as it is powerful enough to attract a buck in search of a hot doe. Remember, each and every one of these hunters on tv is there because of one reason….. Sponsorships. Perhaps because the neighbors have apples. The Myth: Does Human Urine Spook Deer? I was deer hunting this weekend and just about peed directly on two small bucks as a test after reading this, Location: Southern New England, seaside, avg yearly rainfall 41.91 in, zone 6b. A bucks nose is capable of detecting the scent from a single deer left behind along the trail of multiple other does.  A buck will follow a does trail until he catches up to her and establishes a tending bond. Estrous urine based scents are recommended to be used when does are in heat, or nearing their peak estrous cycles. The Myth: Does human urine spook deer? 1/7/2017. Human Pee With Ash Is a Natural Fertilizer, Study Says, one way to tell if you have mountain lions in your neighborhood, Permaculture Playing Cards by Paul Wheaton and Alexander Ojeda. Hmm, so Jay's telling me that mountain lion urine has not worked in my orchard for sixty years. But does it work? How does synthetic urine work? current server time (not your local time) is. Just how does one aquire mountain lion pee? John Eickert wrote:Hmm, so Jay's telling me that mountain lion urine has not worked in my orchard for sixty years. Deer react very highly to urine that is not their own inside of their scrape. Carbon Score: 6.6. Updated Apr 03, 2019; Posted Nov 14, 2010 . Is he crazy or creative? But the client didn't like dog hair flying around in the breeze so I stuffed the hair in legs of panty hose & fixed both the deer & the client problem. If used too soon, you are most likely to spook a buck, and estrous scents are not attractive to does because they do not want to be mistaken for a doe-in-heat and have bucks chase them when they are not receptive. Deer get used to these things after awhile and no longer really fear only takes one time for them to lose their fear and totally wreck your garden and everything you've planted. Hunters have long been concocting homemade scents and urine substitutes. When you are purchasing doe pee, are you 100% sure that you are getting exactly what the bottle says is in it? Most manufacturers of urine based scents collect urine beginning in mid-October through February. Without sponsorships, we would not have outdoor television. In the early season buck urine would be a great cover scent. A deer survives by their nose, it is their number one sense. I researched this a while back, and if the bottle contains one drop of pure doe urine, it can use the statement " contains 100% doe urine" that is one drop in a bottle. Or, apply liberal amounts of urine to a drag rag and create a scent trail to your hunting location. For them to do that, they’d have to follow a hunter around and wait for him to urinate, or catch him urinating, and then go check it out.” In the woods, urine from deer and predators is … Robbie's Permaculture Bootcamp experience. If your lawn is otherwise healthy, the turf should fill in on its own, without the need for replacing the turf or reseeding. By far the best for me is a basic old grunt. In today’s hunting industry, it is easy to get lured into the latest fads of deer hunting, but do these “fads” actually benefit the hunter, or do we jump on the bandwagon and buy it because it worked for someone on tv? “Deer aren’t genetically programmed to be able to identify human urine. That fix the problem! I thought it was funny until I overheard my wife asking a customer service rep if they would replace after shave with deer urine in a decanter as a gift for me. It is a ritual performed by tens of thousands of hunters across whitetail country every deer season. Steve explains how bucks check for pheromones, and part of the artificial insemination process. Throughout this time, they believe that at least 25 percent or more of their does will be in some stage of their estrous cycle and this will be reflected as estrous secretions in their urine. From urine to dryer sheets, how to keep deer from destroying your yard. Because deer fear wolves, Deerbusters has a deer management solution for homeowners to repel deer from properties: Apply Deerbusters all-natural wolf pee anywhere where deer damage occurs on the property. Lived in a urban treed setting for years and had deer like most farms have rats, tried this along. Does Human Urine Work in Whitetail Scrapes? I have called bucks to me from 100 yards and had them come in all stiff legged with ears back looking for trouble. Playlist. Another important factor is that no company can market a 100 percent estrous urine product. So in the theory of creating a scent drag to your stand or hunting location, this is not only defying nature but it is also not natural for a buck to be following a scent trail of doe urine……it just doesn’t happen that way. Hunters hang a cotton wick from a tree branch within shooting range of their stand, then soak the wick in doe urine. There is a time and place for all deer attractants or scents to be used throughout a typical deer season, but when and how you use them is more important than anything. This is the gland located between the hooves. Why does the mountain lion pee work? It is believed that Deer Antler Spray stimulates the metabolism, improves heart condition, strengthens the immune system and […] Probably the most noted and most widely used deer scent is doe urine. Doe-in-Estrus contains doe urine with estrus secretions so you can guarantee that you’ll get great results. Location: Ozarks zone 7 alluvial,black,deep clay/loam with few rocks, wonderful creek bottom! They jump over. Human urine can keep deer away if the deer are heavily hunted and therefore fear all humans. We strongly recommend that you only use doe estrus deer urine in a particular period during the hunting season. Of all the deer’s senses, its sense of smell is the most important. I have often wondered if peeing in a deer scrape actually works for drawing deer in better than not by not doing it. In our opinion, some do, and most don’t….. Are you still convinced that you are getting exactly what is stated on the bottle now? This is one of the best products for attracting bucks. This video takes the opposite approach, where a hunter actually pours human urine on a fresh scrape. Alternatively, use cotton balls soaked in the solution and keep it at edges of the garden. Don't use clean dog hair like from a groomer, just pull it out of the brush after you brush your dog or your friends dog. This is your alternative to adding something to your pee, or trying a detox that, frankly, won’t work. Lots of hunters think so. Experiment, invent, build, grow, share....lead by example people!!! But, in the states where hunters do have an option, the vast array of choices presented can be overwhelming. Sterling,I can assure you that human urine doesn't spook deer. Trail Cam Pictures ... S4 | C5 . Community. A more certain deterrent is one low wire(about knee high) of electric fencing around the garden. How can Deer Ban work if it is odorless? Will the scent of human urine keep deer away? Manufacturers make it sound simple, you simply add a estrous doe urine scent to a scrape whether it’s when you visit a scrape or via a scrape dripper that disperses the scent over time. This enhancement supplement is an Asian medicine and is non-detectable in urine tests. The Smelly Background Many hunters believe that peeing near your deer stand is the worst possible thing a hunter could do if he wishes to kill a buck. Many will argue that urine based scents are an important factor in a successful hunt, but others will swear against them. Hunters in those states, obviously, have no choice in whether to use real or synthetic scent—synthetic is all they can use. I have also heard you can use a 4ft chain link with 8ft posts, and put shade cloth, or even plastic , up high. Dab a little doe-in-estrous urine on a boot, walk to the stand, dip a wick in the bottle, hang it from a limb, and wait for a buck to show up. 2. I found an article from an .edu site that addresses urine damage to lawns that references wild animals, not just the most common cause~dogs. However, mountain lion urine works well on all deer. Live Cams. While it may seem like a no-brainer to use a particular scent based on what we have read or what we have seen our favorite hunting celebrities using. The low fence would never work here. I got the idea to put dog hair around the area where the deer would come up the property to eat my Roses. It seems that at times, anything can fool a rut crazed buck during the breeding season, or the time leading up to it, but in reality let’s take a close look at why and how these scents are supposed to work. Unfortunately, there are limited studies that evaluate the effectiveness of attracting deer. Dilute the solution, with 1-part urine and 10-parts of water, and sprinkle it at the perimeter of your garden to prevent animals from entering your garden. The theory goes like this: Deer use their noses for survival, and deer are conditioned to fear humans, therefore if deer smell human urine they will go the other way. In a word...NO. Diluting a urine sample that is to be submitted for drug screening is a strategy that makes a certain amount of sense but will also put the diluter squarely in violation of the terms of their employment. Urine is basically ammonia, it will ferment, whereby its chemical composition changes, if not stabilized with a preservative. With predator urine, deer sniff out the scent of one of their predators such as the coyote and wolf; and they think twice about pursing the garden. So why then do the deer eat the neighbors apples and not mine? Manufacturers make it sound simple, you simply add a estrous doe urine scent to a scrape whether it’s when you visit a scrape or via a scrape dripper that disperses the scent over time. You have to eat LOTS of red meat , to get that to work, i have heard. Keeping deer away: I had a terrible deer problem at a clients house here in Santa Fe NM; 53 Rose bushes & the Mule Deer loved them. The hunting industry is saturated with what companies claim to be the “BEST” deer scent on the market, but do they really work? Blog. should i shave my armpits for my cousin's wedding? Neither will dog pee or predator pee or any other kind of excrement or other waste product from humans or animals. -Ram Dass "Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder."-Rumi. Both keep my garden deer-free. Shows. Obviously, it’s a bait-and-switch in that you swap out the fake urine for your own pee in the testing setting. As such, deciding whether to dilute or not dilute is a judgment call only the individual can make. I had pretty good luck in GA. with spraying dilute urine on my sweet potatoes, which were a favorite of the deer. Deer urine works great on deer during the rut. Will Deer Ban repel other animals such as geese, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, and groundhogs? In this way, the hunter brings his prey closer to him so that he doesn't have to go looking for it. Does it work? [The deer] they'll eat the peas but I got a problem for the deer, they can do nothing with me. Outdoor Hunting Lab HOT DOE ESTRUS Deer Urine Aerosol Spray Can Bringing YOU 30 Years of Experience in Deer Husbandry and Hunting This can of Hot Doe Estrus uses a revolutionary bag on a valve system that keeps the deer urine separate from the gasses to … Most hunters go to great lengths to keep the scent of their urine from a hunting location. Deer visited all the scrapes, but bucks paid more visits to scrapes treated with either human urine or rutting-buck urine. If you need to know where to buy wolf urine, you've come to the right place. Most likely, NO. I have "tested" this hundreds of times over the past 20 years and I have never seen a deer smell human urine and bolt, unless they also smelled human ground scent in the same location. Deer urine scents may have their place and time, but the best possible way to kill a mature buck is to go undetected. Deer don't like to smell of dogs (predators). Deer react very highly to urine that is not their own inside of … Also remember, that there is a lot of editing and out-takes that go into making a video, whether or not the “deer scent” was actually used or not is another question, but it appears that way when we see it on television. Or, apply liberal … Why does the mountain lion pee work? Perfect for all-season use, Code Blue’s Pure Doe Urine works great on drags to lure in does or mask your scent from trophy bucks in the area. So why then do the deer eat the neighbors apples and not mine? Deer Antler Spray is being used more and more in the western world as an alternative to steroids. Does Coyote Urine Work To Repel Deer. Estrous urine based scents are recommended to be used when does are in heat, or nearing their peak estrous cycles. But the area I was in was quite rural, with plenty of hunters (not all of whom obeyed seasons or regulations), so I'd guess they had a lot of respect for any evidence of human presence. One current commercial offering calls for (and I am not making this up) the hunter to mix his (or her) own urine with the product of the company to attract deer. As well as hunting/butchering in an area. The Smelly Background Many hunters believe that peeing near your deer stand is the worst possible thing a hunter could do if he wishes to kill a buck. Peeing on Deer Scrapes: Does It Work? Apart from working as a fertilizer, urine also works as a natural animal repellent due to its smell. On the deer urine question, the doe in heat will work during the rut, but only on occasion, and seldom. I've got some great repellent made of deer blood that works very well, actually. Diluting a Urine Sample: Ingenious or Ill-advised? One of the few studies on the effectiveness of lures compared how white-tailed deer in Texas reacted to four different scents: deer urine, synthetic deer urine, human urine, and new-car smell. Good luck. Deer urine - or more specifically “Doe Urine Estrus” - is used as an attractant for white tail bucks during deer hunting season. Predator urine is unoffensive to us as homeowners and does not harm homeowner's property or landscape in any way, as these deer repellents use all-natural ingredients. Deer in different places with different habitats and food behave differently. She said it is extremely effective. " Does will almost always respond negatively to a estrous based scent, and when you spook the does from the area, the bucks will follow them. In most cases, urine based scents work best with your younger, less experienced bucks. But it gets pricey and I wondered if I could get by without it. This product was carefully collected from whitetail does. Yes, deer are attracted to the odor of urine. When urine and other deer scents are used, the main thing the hunter has to do is wait to see if the deer picks up the scent and comes to take a closer look. In some states, scents that include real deer urine or other bio material are banned due to the fear of spreading chronic wasting disease (CWD). Twitter Share. Q: you don't mention the deer repellent packs as a possible solution to deer eating hosta plants in summer. This urine. It seems to be a coyote urine chemical in a granulated state. It's also good because when a buck smells a doe in heat he will let his gard down. The choice to use them or not is up to you, let your experiences determine whether they work or don’t work. If deer are reputed to hate human scent it makes sense to me to spread my four acres with my own urine, saturating entire bushes that they are systematically clear cutting. If he detects this odor, he will quickly take up the trail of the doe by following her scent deposited from her interdigital glands. There is no "human scent" in human urine. Facebook Share. DIY indoor/outdoor projects. 1/8/2017. Rattling can work but it has to be done at the right time of year or all you do is alert the deer to your presence. Synthetic deer urine and scents have actually been around for many years. Additionally, I collected deer feces and stuffed it down the groundhog's hole, eliminating it in the mix. [VIDEO] By. Several well-known lure manufacturers offer synthetic urine products. Now, let’s examine what really happens when a buck encounters the scent of a estrous doe. The theory goes like this: Deer use their noses for survival, and deer are conditioned to fear humans, therefore if deer smell human urine they will go the other way. I have a row of it planted along one side of the garden blocking the most popular deer approach and it seems to help. Urine based scents often have a negative effect, especially if used at the wrong time of the year. You can collect deer urine from a killed deer or you can make something … Deer urine is used by many hunters to attract deer to a certain location in the woods or field. The scientific community got involved in 1998 when Texas researchers Ben Koerth and James Kroll at Stephen F. Austin State University tested how deer responded to mock scrapes treated with four unique scents: no scent, human urine, estrous-doe urine, and rutting-buck urine. Joe Byers - Jul 29, 2018 . The urine will then be mixed, and is guaranteed to contain at least 25 percent estrous in content. Perhaps because the neighbors have apples. A deer will always try to confirm anything of which it is suspicious and uses its nose to positively identify new and unknown scents. After trying all kinds of temporary measures for years that only worked briefly we have a nine foot. When a buck works a scrape, he first sniffs the urine soaked ground for signs that a near, or in-estrous doe has deposited fresh urine in the scrape. Watch as the video does the talking. During the rut though the best is doe in heat urine because bucks are looking for does in heat. while it is not a statistical model, we live in the sticks...and I. I do know for a fact that human shit repels deer quite effectively. It won’t break the bank but it will work great. There are suggestions on managing the problem. Need ideas for your next project, check out what Cedarantler has been up to! It is sold commercially in outdoor stores. Not just that from does in estrous, but also urine from other mammals – even you – in the fall. My next challenge requires mixing the urine with something sticky that can't wash off when it rains, and I have also strung up … Get involved -Take away the standing of corporations, "We're all just walking each other home." How to Use: 1. You see, the bottles will state that they contain 100% deer in heat urine. Step-by-step projects as well as hunting and fishing topics for the outdoor enthusiasts. Everything outdoors, from hunting and fishing articles, to DIY outdoor/indoor woodworking projects by Cedarantler. Remember: the main reason people fail with synthetic urine on a drug test is submitting the urine at the wrong temperature. If each bottle contains the urine from a single doe in heat, think about how many bottles of doe-in-heat urine are sitting on the shelves of retail stores and online stores across the nation, now do you really think each one of those bottles contains the urine from just one doe? Diluted urinecan be applied near plants; it is unnoticeable to humans, but it deters away animals that eat plants like rabbits and deer. “But it’s unlikely deer associate human urine with humans, unless a human leaves their scent behind along with the urine.” Miller agrees. Does it work? Featuring Code Blue’s From One Deer to One Bottle process, where urine is collected from one deer and bottled, this product is guaranteed to be 100% pure. My product of choice is PlantSkydd. Human urine doesn't seem to bother the deer here, the best deterrent i have found is wormwood, they avoid it. In the manufacturing process the ammonia in the coyote urine is removed, which is what we typically smell when we smell animal urine. More Info. Tell us what you think in the comments section below. I have not had luck with Coyote urine products. But the gardener who invented this unique method said that it did work: Sadie Johnson (Alabama) used rags soaked in human urine to discourage the deer. After all, it stimulates the buck’s sexual attraction instinct.

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